Frequently Asked Questions
last update : 04 Sept 2020

What is FreeBitcoin.Vip?
FreeBitcoin.Vip is a bitcoin faucet with lots of features including faucet , shortlink wall , daily lottery , news , referral system , level system , dice game , slots game , coinflip game and so on . We use internal site currency "coin" and that coin will be converted to bitcoin with the market rate when you request withdraw.

Which withdrawl methods do you support?
We support 2 big microwallets, & as a withdrawl method & yes all withdrawls are instant .

Which coins do you support for withdrawl?
We currently support bitcoin only.

What is maximum & minimum amount for withdrawl?
We currently set to100 coin as a minumum withdrawl & 5,000 coin as a maximum withdrawl . You need to be at least level 5 to withdraw .

Why my withdraw is in pending state?
Sometimes , some withdrawls may go to pending state due to various facts including slow api response ,server downtime etc . For those request , we will process manually within 24 hrs so you don't have to worry .

Why my withdraw has been return?
If you see your withdrawl request has been return , this means something wrong with your wallets(wallet address not linked to faucetpay , EC userid wrong etc) . So please doublecheck all you wallets that you setup & you can request again .

Do you have affiliate system?
Yes we do . You can earn 25% of whatever your referral earnings on our site for lifetime .

Why keep seeing error message in shortlink wall?
You have to complete shortlinks not faster than 8 seconds & not slower than 5 minutes . If you take more than 5 minutes , you will see error & no coins will be credited. 5 minutes of time to complete 1 shortlink is more than enough .